Rolling Away the Stone: The First 10 Years of EREA
Every new beginning...comes from some other beginning's end

The first ten years of EREA is an extraordinary story of bringing together a diverse group of schools and jointly committing to a mission for education in Australia today.

Bob White, a former Principal, National Director of Identity, Director of Communication and Strategy and Executive Administrator in EREA, was commissioned by the Executive Director, Dr. Wayne Tinsey, to explore the depth and breadth of wisdom of the EREA story which has become the inspiration and very soul in this reflective history. These reflections are a result of interviews with 62 people, all of whom shared their personal thoughts, stories and insights. The respondents who shared their reflections came from present and former members of the EREA network family, as well as those who had a close connection with EREA prior to and after its inception in 2007. 

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