EREA Leaders of Wellbeing Conference
Edmund Rice Leaders of Wellbeing Gather in Ballarat

Leaders of Wellbeing from Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition have gathered at St Patrick’s College, Ballarat, to focus on innovative educational initiatives in student and staff wellbeing.

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) runs more than 50 schools across every Australian state and territory, while connecting with an international community of 280 schools in 25 different countries.

The EREA Leaders of Wellbeing Conference is being held from 20-22 March with representation from schools from across Australia.

Dr Wayne Tinsey, the Executive Director of Edmund Rice Education Australia, opened the conference by sharing of the absolute importance of both student and staff wellbeing as we live out our mission in the 21st Century.

“The personal wellbeing of all in the EREA community is central if we are to offer a liberating education, based on a gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community, committed to justice and solidarity. As we offer service and support to all the students in our care, it is important that we are sustained spiritually, mentally and physically.”

The conference features a variety of speakers, workshops and experiences that focuses on issues such as resilience, self-care, addictions, transitions and engagement.

Delegates have the opportunity to share pioneering strategies that work in their schools and learn from others.

The delegates have particularly enjoyed seeing and learning about the innovative wellbeing and pastoral care initiatives happening at the host school, St Patrick's College, Ballarat.  

Dr Tinsey reminded participants of the richness of our faith tradition in supporting wellbeing.

“I also encourage you to reflect upon our rich Christian faith tradition as a center point for your own wellbeing. Jesus lived his humanity so deeply and reflected the love of God so totally, that he reveals the very essence of God. By opening ourselves to our deepest humanity, we come to know our essential God-nature as well. By being present to and aware of our own wellbeing enables us to be attentive to the love of God in your own lives and sustains us for the mission that Jesus inspired and Edmund gifted us.”

The EREA Leaders of Wellbeing Conference is part of a collection of professional development and formation programs offered by EREA that support the development of staff  to be able to educate young people who can build a better world for all.

Leaders of Wellbeing
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