Women in Catholic Education Leadership

Over 90 leaders and aspiring leaders from across EREA schools and Associates gathered in Melbourne this week for the Women in Leadership Forum. The theme of this year’s gathering was “Stepping Up – Opening Doors”.


>    A warm welcome from Dr Wayne Tinsey (EREA Executive Director) & his affirmation of the role and potential of Women in Leadership in EREA

>    Keynotes included:
-      Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor with Marianne Roux (a global
strategy, leadership and organisational development expert)
-    Career by Design - Effective Career Planning with Yolanda Beattie
(expert on improved cognitive diversity,  team effectiveness and building inclusive workplaces)
-    Building Presence through Credible Communication with Anneli Blundell (Professional People Whisperer who helps clients improve their communication, influence and engagement)
-    Developing a Personal Leadership Model with Janis Coffey (Educational Leader and Director for Positive Education Schools Association)
-    Disturbing the Peace with Dr Michele Connolly rsj (Sister of St Joseph and animator of the role of scripture in our lives. Her Doctoral Thesis was Disorderly Women and the Order of God: An Australian Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark)

>    Two insightful Panel Discussions focused on the following areas
and questions:
 -   Panelists own leadership journeys and hints on what they look for in identifying leadership potential.
- Is there ever a good time?  Strategies and stories of balancing career advancement and having and raising a family.

>    A variety of engaging Round Table Discussions exploring the following areas and hosted by senior leaders from EREA schools and offices:
 -     Outside your comfort zone
 -     Managing conflict with courage and authenticity
 -     Getting the best from teams
 -     Making the most of feedback
 -     Women in leadership aiding respectful relationships
 -     Leadership for Reconciliation
 -     Getting the most from Leadership Development programs
 -     Getting ahead and making a difference
>    An introduction to the EREA Gender Equality Strategy with Catherine Greenley (EREA Director – Governance and Strategic Engagement)
>    The hospitality of the Catholic Leadership Centre and the warm welcome received
>    Opportunities to network, reflect with and build community among colleagues facing similar experiences, challenges and opportunities

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