EREA Statement Regarding PWC Closure
CBC St Kilda and Presentation College Windsor have enjoyed many years of strong friendship and partnership in the provision of Catholic education. 

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA), the owners and governors of CBC, is saddened by the announcement of the closure of PCW, but deeply respectful of the difficult decision taken by the Presentation Sisters. 

CBC is privileged to be able to immediately offer girls in senior years a pathway to complete their VCE and VCAL studies after the closure of their College. This means that girls currently at PCW in Years 10 and 11 2019, will have the opportunity to complete their secondary education in a shared venture at CBC.

In the wake of the closure announcement, EREA is committed to working in partnership with the St Kilda East Parish, to continue to provide high quality Catholic education for boys and girls on the CBC/PCW educational precinct. 

Exploration of how this new and exciting partnership might unfold will begin immediately. EREA’s decision to begin this work has the full backing of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, St Mary’s Parish St Kilda East and the Presentation Sisters.

For more information contact: Edmund Rice Education Australia (03) 9426 3208
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