Br Steve Inspires Students to Act for a Better World
Br Steve Rocha, a Children's Rights Promoter from India, has been working with students and educators throughout August across the country.
Challenging students to understand the difference between equality and justice, Br Steve Rocha from New Delhi has recently  has been inspiring young people from EREA schools across the country to be advocates for child rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.

During Regional Advocacy Days, he introduced them to a number of child advocates from around the world and asked participants to consider the passion, tools and support the advocates had that helped them to achieve their goals. Steve also introduced the 9 Steps of Advocacy which have developed out of the work of PRAYTeK and NineisMine.

Reflections from Students 

Raising Our Voices!
Sparsh Year 11 - Parade College

On Tuesday 30 July, five students form Parade were invited to St Bernard’s College Essendon to learn from Br Steve Rocha about the power of advocacy by young people through his experiences with PRATYek and NineisMine in New Delhi. 
We explored the skills and knowledge required for effective advocacy campaigns.  Students were also provided with the opportunity to share advocacy plans and actions with other students from different Edmund Rice schools including the Australian UPR process. 
Students were involved in several activities where they were able to visualise the daily hardships and problems people faced in many parts of India. Many discussions took place allowing students and staff present to become aware of the serious issues surrounding not just the Indian citizens but also Australian citizens. 
Overall the seminar was an enlightening experience.

A Day to Remember 
Sahan Yr 11 - Parade College 

Br Rocha began by defining the fundamental difference between equality and equity, allowing us to participate in a fun and creative, hypothetical running race. 
He used this as a metaphor to demonstrate the common misconceptions about justice and fairness. He followed with a silent communication activity to emphasise the power of the world’s universal language; body language. 
Finally, he explained in detail the essential steps which can be used to ensure effective advocacy programs and events, assisting young people to enact change. 
Overall, the day was an absolute eye-opener, filled with education, inspiring tuition and engaging activities. 
It was indeed a day to remember. 

Steve Rocha
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