Partnering for Sustainable Educational Buildings

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) have made a commitment that all EREA school buildings to be built going forward will be Green Star rated through the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). This will ensure that schools will attain high standards of environmental performance by saving energy, water and waste. High performing, sustainable buildings will also lead to improved learning and well-being for students and staff.

Dr Wayne Tinsey, the Executive Director of EREA said he was very excited by the partnership with the GBCA as this would ensure the environmental standards of new school buildings would be first class.

“Sustainability is a hallmark at EREA and it is very important that we demonstrate our commitment by ensuring our schools exhibit high quality, environmental credentials. We don’t just want to build sustainable buildings, we want to ensure we deliver great learning environments as well.”, Dr Tinsey said.

Davina Rooney, CEO of the GBCA, congratulated EREA for taking a leadership position for sustainable schools. “I hope that EREA’s leadership will accelerate the update of Green Star Schools in Australia. We know that students and staff want schools that save energy, reduce water usage and recycle waste. Not only will EREA schools achieve these aims, but environmentally friendly schools are better learning environments as well”, she said.

Poised to launch its Strategic Directions for 2020 -2024, the commitment to Green Star reflects the aspiration EREA has named for an Ecological ‘paradigm shift’. As part of the commitment, EREA will sign on as a member of GBCA, bringing associated benefits to its 54 schools and approximately 38,000 students across the country.

Below: EREA Executive Director - Dr Wayne Tinsey, GBCA CEO - Davina Rooney and GBCA Senior Manager (Market Engagement) - Nick Alsop. 


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