EREA and Canadian Partnership Furthers Reconciliation
2 December 2019 

EREA has partnered with KAIROS Canada to learn from each others experiences and programs to further reconciliation. 

Throughout this week members of KARIOS Canada and Aboriginal Leaders from across Australia are gathering at EREA in Melbourne to further develop the Waterhole Exercise. Thelma Parker and Mark Walsh from EREA are hosting the gathering.  

The Waterhole Exercise is based on the Canadian Blanket Exercise that was developed by Kairos Canada, representing seven churches from across the country. KAIROS describes their Blanket Exercise as “a participatory history lesson developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers and educators that foster truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples”.  EREA is deeply grateful for the generosity and support of KAIROS and their commitment to the truth telling, justice and healing journeys of reconciliation, which has now been extended to the Australian context.

Kairos EREA (2)
Alfredo Barahona (KAIROS Canada), John Lochowiah (Chairperson NATSICC National Aboriginal Torres Strait Catholic Council), Uncle Joe Kirk (Elder from Brisbane), Dr Wayne Tinsey (EREA), Ed Bianchi (KAIROS Canada) Thlema Parker (EREA), Mark Walsh (EREA),  Dr Nerida Blair (Chairperson of EREA RAP Committee)

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