EREA Schools and COVID-19 - Information for Parents and Carers
EREA schools will follow the Australian and State Governments advice regarding the continuation of schooling.  
Please see below a communication to all parents/care-givers of students in EREA schools. 

18 March 2020 

Dear Parents and Care‐givers

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) considers it important to write to you in light of the intense media scrutiny around the status of school operations during the COVID‐19 pandemic.

Following consultation with relevant educational and government authorities and consistent with the position of the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC), EREA schools will remain open until further notice.

We will continue to work with individual schools where contact with COVID‐19 cases are confirmed. This situation may change quickly, but EREA is acting in accord with the current NCEC advice.

We extend heartfelt thanks to each of our Principals for the pro‐active, considered and professional leadership that they have displayed in the course of the current crisis. This leadership has allowed schools and schooling to proceed with minimal disruption. Their leadership has been exemplary, in ensuring the preparedness of our schools to face the next stage of the COVID‐19 pandemic.

We also wish to express admiration and gratitude for the way in which teaching and support staff have selflessly gone above and beyond in their commitment to the pastoral and educational needs of your son/daughter.

Your school has invested considerable time and effort to ensure that off‐campus‐learning arrangements are in place should the directive come that schools need to close. In that event, we are satisfied that learning for your son/daughter can continue in an off‐campus mode. Your Principal will communicate further information as it comes to hand.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your support of and trust in your school and rest assured of our deep commitment to the safety, wellbeing and learning of your son/daughter.

With gratitude and best wishes

Dr Wayne Tinsey
On behalf of the EREA Executive Team

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