St Edmund’s in Wahroonga, NSW, is a unique school for approximately 130 teenagers with a wide range of disabilities including intellectual and sensory disabilities as well as autism.

The school offers a regular high school model in which students experience a NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) studies curriculum to the HSC at a life skills level. The school has an energy about it generated by engaged, happy vibrant students who work to achieve success in all areas of the curriculum from literacy, numeracy, creative arts to sports, work experience and extracurricular activities.


What is noticed is the “ordinariness” of St Edmund’s. Despite their disabilities the students enjoy the challenge of learning but like all teenagers it is the opportunity to be part of a rich highly social community they call their friends.

St Edmund’s College recognises the traditional owners of the area, the Guringai People.

Edmund Rice Special Education Services

Principal: Mr Jon Franzin 

60 Burns Road,
Wahroonga NSW, 2076

(02) 9487 1044

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