St James College is a small but proud school which has stood unobtrusively on the Brisbane city fringe in Spring Hill since 1868. Being centrally located, the school attracts students from across Brisbane’s city and suburbs and, traditionally, from those areas which are low on the socio-economic scale.

Our young people include: children of refugee families and asylum-seekers, earlier and more recent arrivals, who live on society’s fringes both socially and economically and see in this school a place of welcome and inclusion; over fifty students with verified learning differences and disabilities who attend the College where their families seek an environment where their sons and daughters can grow towards independence and personal achievement; Indigenous students who also find a place of welcome here, a place where their traditional culture is both valued and acknowledged; students who enjoy the smaller-school environment and the broad range of courses offered.

As a result of the eclectic nature of our student body, educational and co-curricular pathways at the College have been carefully designed to meet the needs of all students including those who are University-bound as well as those who are aiming at moving out into the workforce on completing their studies.

St James College recognizes the traditional owners of the area, the Turrbal and Jaggera People.

St James College, Brisbane

Principal: Ms Ann Rebgetz

201 Boundary St,
Brisbane, QLD, 4000

(07) 3230 8600

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