Youth+ is the arm of EREA which offers a flexible education for young people disenfranchised from the education system and from many aspects of society.

Youth+ operates a number of Flexible Learning Centres, each of which is a registered school, small in size and providing a range of learning pathways to connect young people with education and positive futures.

Flexible Learning Centres rely on authentic relationships, a staff dedicated to working with young people who may be facing multiple challenges, and an engaging program that balances academic and social development.

Each Flexible Learning Centre operates under four Guiding Principles which invite young people and staff into an experience of community that enables them to reach their fullest potential in a safe learning environment. The four principles are Respect, Participation, Honesty, Safe and Legal.

Detailed information on Youth+ is available on the website

"The educational field is not limited to the conventional school. Encourage each other to seek new forms of non-conventional education in accordance with the needs of the times and of people."

Pope Francis, 2013




Safe and Legal

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