A Call to Leadership

A program for leaders in EREA schools and Edmund Rice communities

This two-day, residential program provides participants with the opportunity to meet and connect with other people called to the service of leadership. The program is intended for newly appointed leaders, those beginning their leadership journey with EREA, or emerging leaders nominated by their community.

A Call to Leadership will explore the rewards and challenges of our work today, applying the vision of the Gospel, Edmund Rice and the Christian Brothers to our own situations through dialogue, critical reflection and active learning. Participants will be invited to draw upon the experience of their peers in order to respond in concrete and innovative ways to the challenges they face as leaders.

The program draws from the call of Peter in Luke’s Gospel (5:1-11), where Jesus informs his first disciples that they will be catching people “alive” and leading them to the fullness of life that is God’s vision of love, justice, peace and compassion for all creation: the Reign of God. A Call to leadership offers participants an opportunity to explore how they might participate in working for the Reign of God as leaders in Edmund Rice communities.

Participation in A Call to Leadership:
Affirm the skills and experience that you bring as a leader in your community;
Provides a collegial network of support where you can safely discuss challenges;
Supports you in leading others in dialogue about EREA’s mission and educational priorities;
Develops skills that support ongoing learning, self-understanding and advocacy.
Previous program participants have said:
"It offered a sense of perspective; I could step back and look at the bigger picture.”
“The program helped me to focus on my priorities and goals in leadership and separate the essential from the distractions in my role.”
“I feel empowered to more readily trust my own instincts and judgements.”
“I have come to realise the need to take risks, embrace what I can change and understand and accept what I can't.”
Participation in this program can be used to fulfil accreditation requirements in some dioceses

How to apply

Have a conversation with your School Identity Leader to secure a nomination from your School.

For more information contact formation@erea.edu.au or phone 03 9426 3200

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