A Call to Transformation

A program for people with at least five years’ experience in EREA schools or Edmund Rice communities

This two-day, residential program provides participants with the opportunity for personal reflection, affirming conversation and renewed focus for the continuation of their journey. The program celebrates the wisdom and insight gained from ministry in an Edmund Rice community, and invites participants to integrate their personal story with the stories of our tradition to encourage their ongoing contribution.

A Call to Transformation offers participants opportunities to explore those special spaces in life that have provided a glimpse of God’s presence and to apply the vision of the Gospel in being attentive to the needs of others.

The program draws upon the story of Moses’ encounter with the burning bush in Exodus (3:1-12). After “turning aside” from his everyday work, he is called by God to respond to the pain and suffering of his people. As agents of transformation in the world, we too are called to pay attention to the needs of those who struggle in our communities and beyond.

Participation in A Call to Transformation:
Emphasises the importance of personal reflection in bringing clarity to your work;
Invites you to be open to the needs of the most vulnerable in your community;
Reinforces your capacity to act as an agent of change within your community;
Invites you to encourage, support and affirm others in your community.
Previous program participants have said:
“It highlighted my responsibility to not just the children, but the entire community.!”
“It helped me recognise and value my own growth and maturity as a staff member.”
“It reconnected me to a sense of belonging and purpose.”
“I now appreciate how much I can enrich my community by being myself – just sharing time, story, and laughter breeds care.”
Participation in this program can be used to fulfil accreditation requirements in some dioceses

How to apply

Have a conversation with your School Identity Leader to secure a nomination from your School.

For more information contact formation@erea.edu.au or phone 03 9426 3200

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