RAPs for Schools and Early Learning Services

Schools and Early Learning services can develop RAPs through Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program. The Narragunnawali online platform is free to access and has a range of features – including an extensive suite of professional learning and curriculum resources – to support the development, implementation and management of RAPs.

To complete this process, schools and early learning services must first register on the Narragunnawali RAP platform. Next they will create a RAP working group and complete a Reflection Survey, which gives a snapshot of the current state of reconciliation in the school or early learning service. They will then be asked to write a Vision for Reconciliation, Acknowledgement of Country and choose a series of RAP Actions—practical commitments related to relationships, respect and opportunities.

A Draft RAP is then submitted to Reconciliation Australia who will review the RAP’s Vision for Reconciliation and Acknowledgement of Country statements prior to publication on the ‘Who has a RAP?’ map.

12 months after publication, the RAP will be reverted to draft to allow the RAP Working Group to ensure it remains a dynamic, living document. While all data from the previous version of the RAP will be retained, the refresh process involves, at minimum, re-completing the Reflection Survey and re-submitting the RAP.