Vol 32 – Semester 1 – 2019

Welcome to the Ricean, the online magazine of Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). This edition explores and celebrates Hope and its deep resonance for us as a Catholic learning community. We hope you enjoy the variety of articles that link our journey of education with our desire to form hope in our young people.


Education should be a beacon on a hillside

The Education Journey / Damien Price
Do we graduate young people inwardly free, critically-skilled and Gospel-missioned to “be the change they wish to see in our world”?

Reconciliation in Action

The Indigenous Journey / EREA
EREA began Reconciliation Week by launching their new Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Young People & Faith

The Spiritual Journey / Michael McGirr
Finding the kind of spirituality for which our teaching really hungers.

The time for hope is now

The Leadership Journey / Wangari Maathai
There comes a time when humanity is called to shed our fear and give hope to each other.

Our Education

No One Left Behind - Gen X Unleashed

A performance competition in Brisbane offered St James students a platform to speak with passion about their lives and challenges.

Rejoice, be a Zombie no more. Be blessed!

The pace of modern life can see us all tune out from time to time. It only takes an authentic voice to bring us back to reality.

Edmund Rice Schools in 2030

What will Edmund Rice Schools look like in 2030? This was explored recently at the Annual EREA Principals Conference at St Bernard’s Essendon.

Ignatius Park Flooded with Support

Itself heavily affected by Townsville’s devastating floods, Ignatius Park College wasted no time in providing assistance to the local community.

Our Past Stories


Immersions and Partnerships Conference 2009

Our Experiences


Lets Talk EREA: Indigenous Immersion