'New Dreaming' this Christmas

Journeys / Vicki Clarke
Vicki Clarke OAM, EREA Board Member and Mutthi Mutthi/Wemba Wemba, tells the story of the Aboriginal Nativity, 'New Dreaming', which she designed and painted.

“I was inspired to create the Nativity scene as many Aboriginal people identify as Christians. There are five native animals from Australia: the emu, wombat, kangaroo, platypus and red belly snake. The three wise men are our Elders who hold sacred bush knowledge about healing plants, waterways and ceremonials grounds  The Spirit Child born of a Spirit Woman lies in a Coolamon, the vessel Aboriginal woman have been carrying their babies in for thousands of years. This is made from the River Gum trees found near our riverways in southern parts in Australia. This Nativity Scene is a symbol that brings light and hope into our land Australia.”

Father of the Dreaming

Your enduring love has sustained us for over 60,000 years

Your presence, as the guiding light in our

lives has ensured that we,

the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia continue to walk on our land in Your footsteps.

During the Christmas Season we sing of

our gratitude for the example of Your life, which gives us new meaning to our lives.

We acknowledge and we are comforted by our companionship and Your promise to be with us, Your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
As we celebrate Christmas Day may
wonder take hold of us again,

opening our eyes to the marvels of Your creation and, renewing our desire to imitate your gentleness and peace. We ask this in Your name, Jesus,
in whose life we rejoice today.

Artist: Duwun Lee National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council 80c Payneham Rd. Stepney, SA 5069.