Our People

Throughout 2018, a variety of senior leaders are welcomed into new roles in EREA. Each brings a variety of educational experiences and passion for the vision of Edmund Rice.
Mark McGlaughlin Mark McGlaughlin

Director of Formation

Previous Role:
Core Formation Program Coordinator - Identity and Liberating Education (EREA)

Leader who most inspires you:
Winston Churchill 

What is your passion for education?
My passion is to offer opportunities for people to look at life through a new lens, perhaps challenged by a different perspective, inspired by a new vision or transformed by an unexpected encounter.  Education, in its broadest form, offers this life-long growth

What excites you about working in Edmund Rice Education Australia?
The opportunity to spend time with wonderfully gifted school staff and hear them talk passionately about their work and be open to the challenges and inspiration that our EREA mission presents.