To our Victorian School Communities

I write with warm greetings from Edmund Rice Education Australia.

Once again in Victoria, we are challenged to work and study remotely; and I again acknowledge the extra strain that this puts on our students, teachers, school leaders and, of course, parents. This time, we particularly acknowledge our senior students who are potentially facing a very challenging end to their schooling.

At the beginning of our last lockdown, I wrote to families and expressed our commitment to support you in every way we can. This offer includes financial support, if this is necessary for you. Please know that this commitment continues. Should the new restrictions place extra strains on your capacity to pay fees, please do not hesitate to contact your school and you will receive a compassionate response.
EREA is a national family. Our Victorian schools are in the thoughts and prayers of our other school communities throughout the country. Students in other states have expressed concern for our Victorian students and we are exploring ways in which they can more tangibly express their solidarity. Never has there been a more important time for us to embrace our identity as one national family, united by a common vision for education and the wellbeing of our young.

We are blessed to have such wonderful leaders and educators who are doing all they can to support the learning of our young people during this time. The stakes are high, but you will rise to the challenge magnificently. We are proud of our staff and we’re also proud of you, the families who support our schools. We will remain faithful to you and do all that we can so that our young can thrive during this unprecedented period in our history.

With much admiration, gratitude and pride.

Best wishes always

Wayne Tinsey

Executive Director

Edmund Rice Education Australia