Identity Leadership

The identity of a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition lies in its being an instrument of the Church’s mission and motivated by its evangelization role. (Foundations for Schools Ministry as Church Mission)

At the heart of our charism beats the call to liberation. It is the same call that Edmund Rice responded to upon his encounter of the story of Jesus, an encounter that led him, “…moved by the Holy Spirit to open his whole heart to Christ, present and appealing to him in the poor”

The EREA Identity and Liberating Education Mission Team

Our team works to support schools as they strive to give expression to what it means to be a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition. We do this by supporting schools to seek and develop their own direction through the wisdom of the Charism.

Areas of Strategic Focus for 2018:
Liberating Education
Leading and inspiring a vision and shared understanding of liberating education as it pertains to pedagogy, wellbeing, inclusion, self-actualisation and cultural transformation.
National Core Formation Programs
We will continue to refine administration processes and maintain our intention for quality formative experiences. We are also conducting a review of the Called To Mission program (formerly known as Galilee) and its capacity to fulfil needs around quality induction across the EREA network of schools.
EREA Congress 2018
As the EREA community and its partners, prepare to gather to reflect upon EREA’s mission as it has been expressed since the 2012 Congress and to determine the broad directions of EREA in the next period of its story, the EREA Identity and Liberating Education Mission Team will have a role in the design, focus and planning of this significant gathering.
Sustainability at EREA
The EREA Identity and Liberating Education Mission Team supports the role of the EREA Board Sustainability Committee by working with schools to support their response to the call of Laudato si’. As well as continuing to identify ways to support the response to ecological sustainability through Identity Leaders and their teams, particular focus will also be given to: Developing a Vision Statement and support framework for schools; Coordinating a communication and implementation plan to help foster an integrated approach to the Sustainability at EREA initiative; and Trailing the provision of learning community modules.
Head, Heart, Hands & Feet: Justice and Peace Framework
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Live Life to the Full: Safe and Inclusive Communities Initiative
Tracing the story of our Identity
The character of our educational ministry is reflected in the Papal Brief of 1820, where Blessed Edmund and his followers were given approval as a Congregation, to: ‘make it their principal care to teach children, particularly the poor, the things necessary for a virtuous life.’ In taking up the cause of the education of the masses, Blessed Edmund was, in fact, challenging the injustices of that society.
Gathering Identity Leaders across the EREA Network

Each year, Identity Leaders meet regionally and nationally. Identity Teams Regional Network Gathering (Term 1), Identity Leaders Regional Network Gathering (Term 4) and a National Identity Leaders Gathering or Symposium. Associate Schools are invited to any of these regional and national gatherings.

Identity Leaders National Conference

Melbourne, 30 – 31st July 2018

Join us, as a national community in mission, as together we continue to shape the future of Identity Leadership across EREA. Our exploration of EREA inspired Identity Leadership at the National Conference will be marked by opportunities for naming what we have come to know and observe about our work, to enable new possibilities to emerge and to consider how we might work towards this unfolding future.

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