The application process for 2022 has now closed. Any new applications for research in EREA schools received after Friday 14 October 2022 will be considered for endorsement in February 2023.

Research in EREA Schools

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) recognises that high-quality and ethical research contributes to the national and international discourse in education. EREA values high quality, ethical research that aims to improve the outcomes of students, staff and families in Edmund Rice school communities.

Specifically, EREA welcomes research that:

• Supports and improves student learning, wellbeing, and engagement
• Strengthens school leader, teacher, and parent capability to support children and young peoples’
learning and development
• Encourages government and community partners to reflect on and enhance their capability to better
serve and lead Schools
• Seeks to engage Schools, as key stakeholders as hosts and colleagues
• Contributes to the knowledge and capacity of the broader community to enhance the outcomes of
children and young people, locally and globally

While the importance of research is thus acknowledged, it should not unreasonably burden or interfere with the primary task of Schools to provide safe and welcoming communities of faith, learning and growth for young people. Careful consideration is therefore given by EREA and its member Schools, as determined by its Principals, to ensure that approved research is not so intrusive as to detract from Schools’ primary task.

Research Documents

Below are key EREA Research documents and a Research Application form. For further information, contact:

EREA Research Application Form