Executive Director’s Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA). I invite you to explore the pages of this website to learn a little more about Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.

I am honoured to be the second Executive Director of EREA, a learning organisation that spans every state and territory of Australia. We have over 39,000 young people being educated in 54 schools where the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice infuses all our endeavour. Our Charter articulates the four Touchstones that inform and guide our work. We do this by forming students in their faith through the lens of a Gospel Spirituality, so that they receive a Liberating Education in an Inclusive Community, to become adults who are committed to Justice and Solidarity.

More than 4,500 staff commit to this important work by promoting and ensuring a child-safe environment in which the voice of young people is actively sought and nurtured while providing an excellent education. We have a wide variety of schools that are inclusive of early learning, flexible education centres, primary and secondary schools, co-education and boys’ only, metropolitan and rural/regional, boarding schools and co-curricular programs.

We acknowledge the important partnership with families who enrol their sons and daughters in our schools so that together we help to grow young people who will make an active contribution to the world in which they live. Our students are committed to making a difference in their local community, in this country and across the globe, selflessly sharing their skills and talents, so that the Gospel imperative of love of God and neighbour is realised. It is our job as Catholic educators to inspire in them a passion for learning and an authentic desire to give of their gifts for the benefit of humankind.

We are delighted to partner with parents who choose a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition for the education of their children. Together we walk with, teach, guide and encourage young people every day.

Dr Craig Wattam

Executive Director
Edmund Rice Education Australia

Welcome to the New School Year 2021