Nationally there are many schools forming a large network with a common commitment to offering a Catholic education guided by the charism of Edmund Rice.


EREA Member Schools

Members schools of EREA are those which EREA directly owns and governs. There are over 50 of these schools, including a number of Flexible Learning Centres operated by Youth+, based in all states and territories of Australia. Learn more

Associates of EREA

Associates of EREA are schools which, although not governed by EREA, desire to keep a connection to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. Learn more

New Zealand Partner Schools

EREA has partner schools in New Zealand which celebrate with us a strong connection to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. Learn more

Resources for Schools

School Renewal

School Renewal in Edmund Rice Schools is a life giving process by which a school community is helped to critically reflect on its nature as a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice tradition  and to identify ways for continuous improvement. The objective of renewal is positive change for the school community.  Learn more

School Board

Edmund Rice Education Australia invites members of school communities to participate in decision making processes through membership of the School Board. EREA recognises the service, wisdom and expertise provided by School Boards and is committed to continuing to provide support and to enhance the important role they undertake in the governance of EREA Schools. Learn More