A Call to Mission

This program provides participants, as new staff in schools and associated ministries, with an introduction to the foundational stories that are the inspiration for our mission as Edmund Rice communities.

A Call to Mission presents Jesus’ model of missional activity as an invitation to be the best people we can in building a better, hope-filled world for all.

Participants will explore how they can bring their passions and energy to life in contributing to our inclusive, global educational network.


Participation in A Call to Mission offers you:
• broader connection with Edmund Rice communities;
• enriched understanding of the religious and cultural context of an EREA community;
• greater confidence to dialogue about EREA’s educational priorities, and
• enhanced awareness of the gift that you are to your community.

What participants have said:

“It reaffirmed for me why I do what I do!”
“I am now more conscious of the positive impact I can have on others.”
“I now appreciate the true purpose and focus of my work.”
“It inspired me to become more involved in justice activities.”

To enquire about National Formation Programs, contact:

Mark McGlaughlin Director – Formation
e: mark.mcglaughlin@erea.edu.au   p: 08 7130 0801

Bessie Mutusva Executive Assistant – Liberating Education
e: bessie.mutusva@erea.edu.au   p: 03 9426 3206