Corroboree: A Vision for Reconciliation

Corroboree: A Vision for Reconciliation is one of two formation programs offered for strategic leaders within EREA. While the two programs share some common objectives, they are designed as independent, stand-alone offerings allowing leaders to access both during their leadership journey.

A primary objective of both programs is to provide opportunities for leaders to explore ways to strategically create and articulate a vision of Gospel hope and set in motion a plan for action.

Corroboree: a Vision for Reconciliation responds to the Reconciliation paradigm shift called for in the EREA Strategic Directions 2020-2024.

Reconciliation Australia has recognised five dimensions—Historical Acceptance, Race Relations, Equality and Equity, Institutional Integrity, and Unity—as fundamental to enabling reconciliation, identifying systems, attitudes and structures that get in its way, and generating action to bring about substantive transformation and mutual liberation.

Guided by First Nations voices, this program provides opportunities for connecting to Country, truth-telling, confronting racism, and addressing issues of inequality, so that we might build a national identity that values and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, and rights as integral to who we are.

Participants are invited into ‘head, heart and hands’ relationships and activities that will enhance their capacity to enact the intentions and spirit of Reconciliation within their community.

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National Corroboree – A Vision for Reconciliation 20 – 22 March Santa Teresa Centre, Ormiston, QLD