Global Classrooms Partners


The Global Classroom Partners Program links young people from around the world to learn from, with and about each other, while exploring some of the worlds most pressing issues. Groups of students (with their teacher)  under take two lessons than have two video conferences with a global classroom partner. These connections are facilitated to ensure deep dialogue can occur.

Topics to engage with

  • View from my Window – Understanding and valuing others realities
  • Faith as a Force for Good – Different ways Faith-based schools serve the world
  • SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – Action for a more environmentally sustainable world
  • Black Lives Matters – Working towards reconciliation and racial equality in our world
  • Combined Project – template to develop a joint topic and project with your partner school

What’s Included?

  • Lesson 1 – Engaging Globally: The Art of Good Dialogue
  • Lesson 2 – Topic based
  • Lesson 3 – Action in your local community
  • Link with a partner school
  • 2 x facilitated video conferences
  • Follow up activities
  • Linked to the OECD Global Competencies

Expectations of Schools

  • Undertake preparation lessons prior to video conference
  • Teachers meet prior to videoconference
  • Ensure all school and local authority child safety and protection requirements are undertaken and upheld
  • As this is a pilot program, schools can initially nominate only one group/class
  • Schools are flexible and sensitive to the realities of their partner schools