Let’s Talk EREA Aboriginal Immersion

This partnership offering between the Edmund Rice Centre, Edmund Rice Education Australia and the Aboriginal communities of North-West NSW will appeal to personnel who are interested in supporting the educational achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and furthering reconciliation in Australia. It also provides an opportunity for EREA staff to reflect upon the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy in light of this experience.

Modelled on the Let’s Talk program developed in 1997 during the Irish Peace Process, the focus issues of peace, identity, human rights, socio-economic issues and reconciliation shape the experience. With a journey integrating dialogue with locals and elders in visited communities, and engagement with places of significance to the Aboriginal people of north-west NSW, the program facilitators will ensure all participants are guided and supported through the immersion. For many in the past this has proven to be an inspirational experience.

Contact EREA to learn more:

  • Phone: +61 3 9426 3200
  • Email: info@erea.edu.au