National Redress Scheme

The Australian Government set up the National Redress Scheme to provide redress to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. You can apply any time up to 30 June 2027.

The National Redress Scheme can provide three things:

access to counselling;

a Redress payment; and

a direct personal response from the institution (e.g. an apology) for people who want it.

For more information on the National Redress Scheme, please visit the Redress Scheme website, call 1800 737 377

How to apply

You can apply to the National Redress Scheme online or using a paper form. You won’t be asked about your experience in front of a person or panel.

You can download the Application for Redress form from or have a copy sent to you by calling the National Redress Scheme on 1800 737 377. You can also ask a Redress Support Service to give you a copy of the application form.

You can also apply online through myGov. You can create a myGov account at any time if you don’t already have one.

Before you apply you might like to think about who could give you support to apply if you would like it. You could speak to someone you already know and trust, or Redress Support Services can help.

For more information on applying to the National Redress Scheme, visit