EREA Governance Structure

Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) was established to succeed, carry on and expand the education ministries conducted by the Congregation of Christian Brothers in Australia. The purpose of EREA is to own, govern, manage and conduct these ministries in fulfilment of the mission of Jesus Christ in the Catholic tradition and in continuation of the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.

Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia Constitution
Foundational Understandings Guiding the Governance Documents in EREA
New Governance Structure 2023

EREA Council

The members of the Council of EREA comprise the governing body of EREA under canon law and they are also the members of the body corporate known as Trustees of Edmund Rice Education Australia under civil law. The members of the EREA Council are appointed by the Congregation Leader of the Christian Brothers. The EREA Council appoints the EREA Board and delegates to it certain responsibilities related to the management and strategic direction of EREA.

The EREA Council (as canonical stewards):

• ensures the Identity of EREA as Catholic and an expression of the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice;

• relates on behalf of EREA to Church authorities, and

• approves the establishment or termination of an apostolic work of EREA.

The EREA Council (as civil stewards):

• is the proprietor of the schools, and

• approves the acquisition or alienation of the resources of EREA (according to the Constitution).

EREA Board

The EREA Board:

• sets the strategic directions for EREA;

• sets the operational policy framework;

• oversees the financial well-being of EREA and each of the schools;

• oversees the management of EREA;

• contributes to the nurturing of key external relationships;

• provides opportunities for formation in the mission of the Catholic Church and the charism of Edmund Rice, and

• supports and guides the Executive.

The Executive Director

The EREA Executive Director provides day-to-day leadership and management of the operation of all EREA schools.

The Executive Director:

• implements the strategy and policy approved by the EREA Board;

• articulates the Vision and Mission of EREA and provides leadership which empowers others to bring the EREA Charter to life;

• appoints staff to fulfil the leadership, management and operational structures of EREA;

• ensures the provision of appropriate faith formation and spiritual development of all staff, and

• ensures the sustainability, growth and development of EREA while complying with statutory obligations.


The Executive Director delegates the day-to-day operation of EREA schools to Principals and certain other responsibilities to School Advisory Boards.


Enforceable Undertaking

In May 2020, The Trustees of EREA (TEREA) entered into enforceable undertakings with the Victorian Regulations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).  TEREA Enforceable Undertakings