EREA launches global initiative to support schools

Edmund Rice Education Australia has launched an initiative to support schools around the world during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our 54 schools, while themselves educating remotely, are exploring ways to support schools globally through sharing resources, expertise and connection.

There are currently 1.5 billion (91%) young people out of school globally due to COVID-19. As borders around the world go up due to this pandemic, Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition will aim to bring them down (safely) through global education and connection.

Dr Wayne Tinsey, EREA Executive Director, shares, “Particularly during these times we remember the most vulnerable, who, as is always the case, will suffer the most through this crisis. At this challenging time, we find ourselves at the front line of delivering education in the most complex of environments. And yet, as a global education community, we have both the experience to know what is best for young people and the ability to support to continue to educate in the best ways possible.”

A Taskforce of senior educators around the world has been established to coordinate this initiative. This will be co-chaired by Ray Paxton (Australia) and Sharon Van Vuren (South Africa) and include members from South and North America, Europe, India, Africa and Australia.

There are three focus areas: Connecting Teachers, Educating Students and Supporting Parents. A website has been developed and webinars offered for educators.

This initiative is freely available to all schools across the world to support them to keep education occurring during this time.

Learn more at Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders