EREA is proud to announce our newest school, St Mary’s College, East St Kilda, will begin in 2021. The school continues almost 150 years of education of young women and men in the area.

After almost 150 years of educating young Victorian women at Presentation College, Windsor, and young Victorian men at Christian Brothers College, St Kilda, 2021 marks a new beginning.

From January, the school will be known as St Mary’s College, located at East St Kilda. It will become the inner city’s only secondary Catholic co-educational school. The reimagined school will be situated on the existing combined grounds of PCW Windsor and CBC East St Kilda.

The Foundation Principal of St Mary’s College, Mr Terry Blizzard, said the decision to establish a coeducational school came after wide consultation and consideration for both CBC St Kilda and its sister school PCW, which announced its end-of-2020 closure last year.

“We are excited about a new era for these two historic institutions. Both schools have played a major role in educating young Victorian men and women who have made a significant and positive impact on our society for almost 150 years. Whilst the name of the school has changed, the commitment to our faith, values, strong communities and quality learning programs will remain priorities as young women and men share their educational journeys together. We will continue to educate students in the tradition of Edmund Rice and the Presentation Sisters, offering a liberating education, based on Gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to social justice. We will also ensure past students of both CBC and PCW continue to be engaged in our school as we honour our rich traditions and proud history.”

Combining the facilities of the campuses on both sides of Dandenong Rd in St Kilda East and Windsor will provide new learning opportunities, access to more facilities and prepare students to take their place in the world as young people of hope, justice, compassion and liberation.

Mr Blizzard added that the transition to the re-imagined co-educational school would be aided by an already strong relationship between the two schools, which have for many years worked closely together, both inside and outside the classroom.

“We are fortunate to have a mix of modern, state-of-the-art learning spaces, heritage listed buildings, strong connections to local community facilities, and a bold master plan for major capital development in the future.”

Dr Wayne Tinsey, the Executive Director of Edmund Rice Education Australia, said: “The establishment of St Mary’s College is a dream come to fruition. So many families will benefit from the educational possibilities which are underpinned by the traditions of the Presentation Sisters and the Christian Brothers. We are so grateful to all who have collaborated and worked so hard to make this dream come true.”

Ms Filina Virgato, Principal of Presentation College Windsor said, “I am so pleased to see that both the traditions of Nano Nagle and Edmund Rice will underpin the foundations of the new school moving forward. Both held strong beliefs about the power of learning and in today’s context, a good education affords opportunities to our young people to contribute and to make a positive difference to the world in the future.”

The school’s governance structure remains unchanged, with Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) its governing body. St Mary’ s College becomes part of our network of 54 schools, offering a Liberating Education based on a Gospel Spirituality within an Inclusive Community committed to Justice and Solidarity.