Ignatius Park College presented with 1,100 white ribbons to end violence against women

More than 1000 Townsville boys will display, on their school uniforms, their solidarity with the need to break the cycle of domestic violence.

Ignatius Park College will hold its inaugural White Ribbon Day today teaching 1100 students the importance of ending violence against women and girls.

Soroptimists International Breakwater made the white ribbons for each student.

Club president Janet Askern said the group advocated for social changes to improve the status of women.

She said it took the members of the club a combination of 20 hours to make the ribbons.

“During this time together, members discussed their own awareness of these significant issues of violence against women in our communities,” she said.

“The ribbons are a symbol to wear with pride to say we will not stand for violence against women and represent that change needs to happen.”

Principal Shaun Clarke said the event was about spreading awareness with a new generation.

“Ignatius Park College wants to mark the day by playing an active role in educating the students and staff about domestic violence against women,” he said.

“Our boys are at an age when they know what is right and wrong, and our role as community leaders is to teach that it is not OK to show disrespect to women.”

This story first appeared in the Townsville Bulletin on 20th November 2020