Formation is not only essential to our identity as Catholic schools with a life giving link to the Edmund Rice charism but is also crucial to our own personal growth and development.

National Core Formation Programs

These programs make up the core formation experiences for staff in EREA schools and Oceania Province ministries. They are offered in each region throughout the year and are structured across three stages.


Galilee (the encounter begins)

Galilee is an induction program for people new to Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition.  Learn more

Into the Deep

Into the Deep (the call to leadership)

Into the Deep is a program for leaders in EREA schools, or for those who feel called to leadership in the future.  Learn more

Break Every Yoke

Break every Yoke (leading for liberation)

Break Every Yoke is a program for senior leaders in EREA schools (it is expected that all senior leaders complete Break Every Yoke during their first term of leadership). Learn more

Mt Sinai

Mt Sinai (encounters with the sacred)

Mt Sinai is a program for people working in EREA schools who wish to explore their journey in Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition. It is ideally suited for people who have been working in tradition for at least 10 years.  Learn more

A pathway for transformation

In striving to provide Catholic Education in the Edmund Rice Tradition, we seek to provide relevant and meaningful formative experiences that companions and nurtures the growth of those who shape and influence the educational experience throughout their time with EREA. As such, EREA Formation Programs are organised into three movements of Setting out, Deepening and Leading.

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