Formation Programs

Formation is not only essential to our identity as Catholic schools with a life giving link to the Edmund Rice charism but is also crucial to our own personal growth and development.

National Core Formation Programs

The following programs make up the core formation experiences designed for all staff in EREA schools and offices across the nation. They are also suitable for staff in Oceania Province ministries. A Call to Mission – Galilee, A Call to Leadership – Into the Deep and A Call to Transformation – Mt Sinai are offered at least once in each region throughout the year, while A Vision for Liberation – Break Every Yoke is offered twice at a national level.


A Call to Mission

An induction program for people new to EREA schools and Edmund Rice communities.
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A Call to Leadership
(Into the Deep)

A program for leaders in EREA schools and Edmund Rice communities.
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A Call to Transformation
(Mt Sinai)

A program for people with at least five years’ experience in EREA schools or Edmund Rice communities.
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A Vision for Liberation
(Break Every Yoke)

A program for senior leaders in EREA schools and Edmund Rice communities.
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Immersion and Partnership Programs

EREA organises and supports a number of Immersion and Partnership programs for leaders and staff that promote a faith-based response to global solidarity and a commitment to reconciliation, including programs to Indigenous communities, India, Africa and South America.

South American Immersion (400x250)

South America Immersion

The South American experience, which will encompass Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, will provide participants with the opportunity to immerse in the work of the Church and the Christian Brothers and show solidarity with our Edmund Rice schools in these countries.
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Africa Immersion (400x250)

Africa Immersion

This immersion will explore their own and others’ leadership through visiting and connecting with some amazing faith-based schools and programs on the ground in Kenya and South Africa.
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Indigenous Immersion (400x250)4

Let's Talk EREA: Indigenous Immersion

This program will appeal to educational leaders who are interested in supporting the educational achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and furthering Reconciliation in Australia.
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A pilgrimage is a great opportunity to walk with people and hear some of their stories. Many stories have been handed down about the founder of the Christian Brothers, Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice. These stories help to shape our identity as women and men who follow in Edmund’s footsteps. They reveal what we hold to be important and open a window on the Gospel of Jesus that inspired Edmund to open his whole heart to the poor and place his energies with those on the margins of society.

Next Pilgrimage: A Pilgrimage from Ireland to the Majority World (2019)
Leadership Programs

EREA is proud to support the development of current and potential school leaders by providing a range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, including national and regional networks of school leaders; annual conferences; support for post graduate study; research projects; immersion and formation experiences; sabbatical / renewal opportunities; and Senior Leaders Induction.

In addition to these, EREA facilitates participation in the following leadership programs:


Emerging Leaders

The program is designed to identify, support and affirm young leaders in Edmund Rice schools and educational entities across Australia. It explores a range of professional and pastoral opportunities to strengthen the leadership capabilities of our future leaders.
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Women in Leadership

A key strategic focus for EREA has been on acknowledging and developing the leadership contribution of women. Since its inception various initiatives have been developed to affirm and challenge women who aspire to leadership.
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Shadowing an Principal

EREA provides senior leaders in our schools with a range of professional opportunities designed to support their professional growth, develop their leadership capacity and encourage further formation in leadership in an Edmund Rice context.
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A pathway for transformation
In striving to provide Catholic Education in the Edmund Rice Tradition, we seek to provide relevant and meaningful formative experiences that companions and nurtures the growth of those who shape and influence the educational experience throughout their time with EREA. As such, EREA Formation Programs are organised into three movements of Setting out, Deepening and Leading.

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